Best Makeup Remover

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So, guys after working for whole day and with lots stress makes us tired and at the end of the day we all our so tired that we even do not have capacity left to remove our make up properly . Sleeping with your makeup on is not good for your skin . make does not allow your skin to breath and causes break out’s .

I have a solution for your problem !

I recently started using “Garnier skin micellar cleansing water” the day I started using this it made my life more easier .

It removes your make up and purifies your skin in just one wipe .

It is enriched with micelles , it captures and lifts away residue like a magnet .

No harsh rubbing needed .

It is suitable foe all skin types , even for sensitive skin .

It is non – sticky .

It is alcohol free.

It cleans your skin perfectly and make it soft and comfortable .


Take a cotton pad or wipe .

swipe it on your skin gently then eyes and then lips .

the best part about this is ” no rising of water is required” (you can be lazy)


All the makeup remover/ cleaner I have used were very oily

I have oily skin and they use to make it even more oily .

“It just made my life more easy “

because when it comes to remove make up I become so lazy . sometime I even sleep with my makeup on , or sometime I am not able to remove my make up properly .

But this made it so easy , just in one swipe all done

this is every cheap and best for teenagers .

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5 ways a guy can get perfect hair

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I hope my previous blog helped you in growing your perfectly . no worries i have not read it yet the link will be in the end . so, my lovely viewer’s i am back again with the glam guide for guys but, this time it is all about hairs .This blog is collaboration with Shivang Swarpur ( ) . All the credits for this blog goes to him . if u have any fashion related query please feel free to ask us in comment section below .

Stay tune till the end to know the ways to get perfect hair :

Tip number 1 don’t shampoo every day our shampoo contains parabens and Sulphate which causes our hair to get thinner though it is imp to wash your hair every day so use shampoo less and conditioner more

Tip 2 don’t be aggressive after taking a shower you use towel directly but what you should do pat dry and go easy till your hair is wet because its week so  no using of towel directly after coming out of shower

Tip3 get argon oil its gonna make your hair shine strong and softer gonna help you with split ends dry hair and helps with dandruff

Tip4 lesser the heat better the hair yes studies have shown that heat drys up your hair and this causes dryness hair fall which isn’t good for your hair what you can do is try to hair dry on medium setting

Tip 5 apply hair marks try to go for avocado masks or coconut hair mask its gonna make your hair smooth healthy and strong .

so guys we have few products which will help you to get perfect hair :

link :

link :     link to the previous blog :

hope this blog will help you guys

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5 Tips To Archive An Awesome Beard

Hola! all the ladies and gentleman out there . Hope your new year was spend well .

if you are someone who is out to grow a beard this blog is totally for you .

in this blog I am collaborating with Shivang Swarup ] . All the credits for this blog goes to him . guys if you have query related to men fashion the mail him .

So guys we have 5 tips which will help you ti grow your beard or make it more amazing .

First tip you want to go on scientific part which in genetics so like if your dad was someone who had problem having facial hair till a very late age its gonna be a problem for you too so yes check onto your dad ask him about his  facial growth if he did take a lot of time then you might want to you use beard growth oil

Second tip it all depends on age if you are someone whose age is 15 then you must know facial hair comes with age which is mostly 16 to 17 so what can you do is if you have a patchy beard you  can trim it so it looks sharp and edgy because no one wants to look like a goat .

Third tip exfoliate the best thing you can do as it helps you to remove dead skin and open pores which is gonna help you grow hair much faster

4tip your diet is the most important thing so basically you need to three things that is protein fish oil and biotin fish oil contains omega 3 and fatty acids which is gonna help you in giving nutrients not just to your facial hair but all the hairs you have on your body proteins just not gonna help you in your facial hair but with your body too like helping it grow bigger and better

5 tip use a beard wash see peeps your facial skin is different and your facial hair is also different  so use a beard wash which will make your beard look more presentable soft

So peeps enough for today see you guys soon till grow your beard

Note don’t trim or shave your beard to grow it faster its just a myth .

Guys we have few products which will help you guys to grow your beard .

Hope these few tips will help you . if you have any query related to fashion lifestyle and beauty just feel free to ask me in comment section below .

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Denim And Mustard

Hey ladies and gentleman out there hope u all are going well .

As its winter time and its time for layering your outfits and to click amazing and cozy ootd .

So, thought to talk to you guys about one of my fav layering / clothing combination ‘Denim And Mustard’ .

Yes ! you guys read it right denim and mustard , ah! I am not talking about mustard sauce ( just kidding ) .

This look is nothing but perfection . I can surely tell you guys that this will never put you people down . combination of mustard and denim is always been my fav .

This look is really very easy to pair you can pair it very easily . All you need to do is take any mustard t-shirt , cardigan or anything mustard and throw it with denim jacket for bottoms you can go with rugged jeans , bell bottom grey / black denim grab some basic and elegant jewellery and with this don’t forget to take a bag pack or a cross bag and now you are all ready to go .

hope these tips will help you guys .

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-Riya Vaishnav

New Year Resolation

We all make new year Resolation Every year we take a piece of a paper give it a heading ” New Year Resolation ” and we write 2-4 points with lots of hope and dedication some of you people follow it and some of you don’t .
It’s q good habit to write New Year Resolation and follow them . I have few tips so that you can make your new year resulation successful .
Write only those things in your new year Resolation which you can actually follow . You know that this thing is possible to do then only write it otherwise there is no need to write .

For example : don’t write such things “I will lose 20 kg this year ” if u have really know that u can possibly do this thing then only write it or instead of that u can write ” I will be fit till end of this year ” .

  • Write the following things which u can really do and do those things for yourself do it for your heart do it with lots of love and dedication .

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– Riya Vaishnav

Ways to get rid of exam stress (part 2)

Hey ! Styling squad hope u all are doing well .

As it’s the season of exam and stress if killing our ass .

As I talked to you all on my previous part of (ways to get rid of exam stress ) I hope that helped u guys .

So , my lovely people I am back again with few more ways by which u can dstress yourselves from exam .

  • Be Healthy

    Studies shows that taking the time to get some exercise and eating healthy improves performance on exam . So get out and get moving . When we’re stressed we sometimes want to eat junk food but eating healthy will actually make you feel better .

Also, get enough sleep especially in the day before your exam . Good sleep helps you remember what you learned.

  • Chill Out , Try These Relaxation Techniques

    Think about the stress you’re feeling . Write down your stressful thoughts .

Whenever a stressful thought pops into your head , replace it with a positive one . For example , replace “I’m going to fail this exam ” with “I’m going to study early so I can ace this exam “.

So these few tips help you guys . Best of luck for for Ur exams

With loads of love

– Riya Vaishnav ♥️

heart talk

Isn’t it amazing that glimpse of your past can make your present so amazing and so happy, no matter how bad your mood is ,  it will make you smile for sure .

                                                                                     – Riya Vaishnav